The Complete Commodore Jazz Recordings Volume I (Box Set 23 LP + 64 page booklet)

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RARE : Box Set (23 LP) 1990 - Limited Edition
Mosaic Commodore Complete Jazz Recordings Volume 1 - MR23-123 Here is a wonderful out of print set of 23 LP vinyl records from the fabulous Commodore Jazz archives. This was released on the prestigious Mosaic label known for their high-quality box sets. Volume One covers all the sessions recorded by the "Commodore" label between 1929-1943 and includes great jazz musicians, such as Cow Cow Davenport, Fletcher Henderson, Django Reinhardt, Eddie Condon, Bud Freeman, the Kansas City Five and Six (with Buck Clayton and Lester Young), Teddy Wilson, Jess Stacy, Chu Berry, Willie the Lion Smith, Billie Holiday, Stuff Smith, Jelly Roll Morton, Jack Teagarden, Art Hodes, Joe Marsala, Joe Bushkin, Coleman Hawkins, Lee Wiley, Pee Wee Russell, Bunk Johnson, Mel Powell (with Benny Goodman), Wild Bill Davison, George Brunies, and Edmond Hall. Also included is the 64-page booklet that features over 37 rare black and white photographs, detailed session production notes, and a 13-page interview with Milt Gabler, the Commodore Records founder.
Titres des morceaux: 
LP 1. Cow Cow Davenport
LP 2. Fletcher Henderson
LP 3. Django Reinhardt
LP 4. Eddie Condon
LP 5. Bud Freeman
LP 6. The Kansas City Five et Six (with Buck Clayton and Lester Young)
LP 7. Teddy Wilson
LP 8. Jess Stacy
LP 9. Chu Berry
LP 10. Willie le Lion Smith
LP 11. Billie Holiday
LP 12. Stuff Smith
LP 13. Jelly Roll Morton
LP 14. Jack Teagarden
LP 15. Art Hodes
LP 16. Joe Marsala
LP 17. Joe Bushkin
LP 18. Coleman Hawkins
LP 19. Lee Wiley
LP 20. Pee Wee Russell
LP 21. Bunk Johnson
LP 22. Mel Powell (with Benny Goodman)
LP 23. Wild Bill Davison, George Brunies and Edmond Hall
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